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How to be a patient?

WELCOME TO TELETÓN! _DSC6091 Centro Teletón assists children and adolescents up to age 18who suffer from a motor disability, what we call neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.These disorders can be the cause of a congenital malformation, a problem during birth or an accident. These are some of the maindisorders that Teletón assists:myelomeningocel (Spina bifida), cerebral palsy, congenital amputations and congenital malformations, paraplegia and tetraplegia caused by spinal cord injuries, consequences of cranial trauma, and neuromuscular, genetic or central nervous system diseases. How can I be part of Teletón? If you want to be part of Teletón, you have to complete the Application Form, which must be partially completed by the parents or the person in charge of the child, together with his/her doctor. This form must be sent by post or it must be submitted to Montevideo Teletón Center (Avda.Carlos Brussa 2854). If you face any query, please go to the reception desk of Teletón Center (Customer Service). Customer Service is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.Telephone number: 2304 36 20 extensions 200, 215 and 235. First Interview Once we have received your Application form, the Centro Teletón will contact the family of the child to fix time and date for the first interview. In the Application Form, which can be downloaded in this section, there is a list of documents which must be submitted by the parents or the person in charge of the child during the first interview, for example, the child´s Identity Card and the family´s income documentation.We appreciate you paying particular attention to every item of the form since each of them must be completed in order to start with the application proceeding. Care Plan Teletón assists many pathologies and diagnoses that have its origins in neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. We have a wide variety of care plans and professional attention focused on the treatment of these types of pathologies. Our multidisciplinary team leads the evolution process of the child and decides the kind of attention and care plan that is appropriate to the patient. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM