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Mission and vision

Mission Teletón Uruguay seeks the habilitation and rehabilitation of children and adolescents between 0 and 18 years old with neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. By using the most advanced scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, we aim athelping themreach their maximum functional capacityat a physical, mental and social level,so as to improve their quality of life and social inclusion. Vision To be considered an institution of national reference in terms of the objectives defined in its mission, with a comprehensive biopsychosocial approach, adding teaching and research askey components. Values Commitment to the patient and family. Professional excellence. Community service. Quality policy Teletón commits to:
  • Promote a humanist approach in the relationship theorganization’s staff is to have with the patient and his family, as an indispensable requisite.
  • Strive for excellence when hiring medical and technical staff.
  • Stand by the commitment made to the citizenship regarding the transparent management of the raised funds, using them effectively.
  • Have the latest technology at the service of the patient.
  • Provide rehabilitation without discrimination of any kind.
  • Be held accountable and engage with all applicable requirements and the continuous improvement of individual and group performance.
  • Maintain and enhance the training schemes of the organization’s human resources.
  • Promote the techniques and working patterns developed in the institution with the existing rehabilitation network in the country, as well as with families and the community.
  • Coordinate action plans with national, foreign, public and private institutions.